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Derek Williams’ arranging service includes transcription of an arrangement from an existing recording, as well as the creation of a completely new one.  Scores can be recorded in Derek Williams’ studio, or for larger projects such as those involving orchestra, a commercial studio of good quality is recommended.  Demos for these sessions can be prepared ahead of time at Derek Williams’ studio.

For samples of Derek Williams' work please visit the Portfolio


Music for live ensembles, such as:

- Chamber Music [sample: Reel from Encounters]
- Big Band [sample: Would I Lie To You from Frank Bennett]
- Full Symphony Orchestra [sample: Waterfall from Frauds]

Scores are created either by hand or using Sibelius or Finale scorewriter programs.  Music scored by hand needs to be copied manually for each instrument by a music copyist, whereas parts are automatically generated when a scorewriter is used.  After the full score has been completed and approved, additional time should be allowed for the preparation of parts for the musicians.



Electronic music creation is a process of either composing entirely original music, or building new arrangements of existing music, that can:

mimic real instruments [sample: 'Neruda Song No4 - Extract' - Peter Lieberson]
use synth sounds [sample: 'Level 10A Fast Combo' from Glenn Wood Tap]

In Derek Williams’ studio, digital sequencers are used to record MIDI tracks that trigger sound samples from any combination of the latest versions of the leading sound libraries. Tracks can be rendered to any audio format, and mixed/mastered with the latest audio plug-ins.

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Click on the link below to download a PDF of Derek Williams' CV. This is updated regularly so remember to visit us again to make sure you have the most up to date version.

Derek Williams' CV

Derek Williams' Intro Letter