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"Derek is an exceptionally talented, enthusiastic and passionate musician. He is someone who will work tirelessly to create something that both he and his clients are proud of, never falling short of this standard. An expert in his craft and a fantastic collaborator, Derek is reliable and highly knowledgeable of music software and workflow. (He keeps the backups of the backups, so you're always in safe hands!) I look forward to working with him in the future. Very highly recommended."
Ruaridh M Turner, LinkedIn, 17 July 2016 Independent Filmmaker, Producer, Writer and Director

Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

[Colours by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & Edinburgh University, August 2013]

"Kicking off with a superb waltz by Derek Williams, the piece was off-kilter enough to make you hang on every note, yet with touches of traditionalism that evoked images of Viennese ballrooms."
Kelly Apter, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 16 Aug 2013

[Medea, Edinburgh Jazz Bar, August 2013]

"Equally compelling, is Act II, composed by Derek Williams, a more operatic approach to the subject matter that allows Dunwoodie to make the most of her powerhouse voice."
Four Stars ****
Tara Isabella Burton, Broadway Baby, 14 Aug 2013

"Taking jazz and opera to a new place. A striking mix - so if jazz or opera is your thing don't miss it next time round - you may find that jazz and opera are both your thing."
Margaret Ferguson Burns, 14 Aug 2013 (Edinburgh Festival Fringe audience review)

"A superb piece. A bloodcurdling soprano renders the hysterical murderous Medea, who flatters herself on her cooking skills. For fans of Anton Berg and Gavin Bryars. I shall be returning, too good not to see again."
Sian Cronin, 5 Aug 2013 (Edinburgh Festival Fringe audience review)

"Many thanks again for all your hard work with EGO. ... With all good wishes, and I hope that we will have the pleasure of working with you again."
Sarah Baggaley, Edinburgh Grand Opera (EGO Faust 2008)

"Thank you for taking on this monumental task and doing so well!"
Chris Cotter, President, Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group (EUSOG Salad Days 2007)

“I have no hesitation in commending him to you as a gifted and earnest musician.”
Professor Charles Nalden, Dean of Faculty of Music, Auckland University, New Zealand.

“…an artist of impeccable professional background and credentials in a serious and visionary programme of creative research.”
Reid Professor Emeritus Nigel Osborne, MBE, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland (February 2007)

“He is immensely hard working…contributes strongly to the research environment, and is clearly liked and respected by his peers. I recommend him to you without reservation…”
Professor Peter Nelson, Head of Music, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland (February 2007)

“Thank you for your marvellous arrangements and wonderful musicianship, support and encouragement. It has been a joy working with you on our Tribute To Garland, and we look forward to the next one!”
Caroline O'Connor (Sydney Opera House, January 2006, Royal Albert Hall, May 2007)

"Since I began working with him I have been impressed not only with his vast musical knowledge, and a natural facility which ranges across the various styles of music, from classical through jazz to pop, but also with his ability to achieve the most sublime and original music effects…"
Martin Armiger, Head of Screen Composition, Australian Film Television and Radio School (Australian Government, November 2005)

“He possesses a truly profound depth of understanding of musical history, style and compositional techniques from all periods of history and can express himself most eloquently and elegantly both verbally and at the keyboard.”
Dr Carl Hammond, Head of Music, Coronado School of the Arts, San Diego USA  (May 1999)

“You’re a genius to be able to unravel the maze.”
Iva Davies (IceHouse), Berlin project, Sydney Opera House (October 1995)

“On the most recent project of mine, Derek was really put to the test; not only with a large scale and tight deadlined project, but also with varying orchestral sizes and lineups.  His ability to execute an 80 piece orchestral arrangement  one day and a 20 piece big band arrangement the next, and conduct and relate personally to both groups when necessary meant he was indeed an invaluable asset to this project.”
Guy Gross, Film Composer, Frauds feature film (1993) & Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

“In the time Derek was with Progeni Systems Ltd, I came to…recognise rare qualities of gentleness, sincerity, courtesy and consideration. He is a fine person, and I wish him well.”
Dr John Tiffin, Professor of Communications, Victoria University, New Zealand (October 1985)

“With his intelligence, enthusiasm, depth of understanding, and full sense of commitment, he should prove a leading figure in the development of computer education. Derek has maintained a warm, cordial relationship with all with whom he has come into contact.  He is possessed of a delightful sense of humour and a wide range of anecdote. He gives fully of himself.” 
Geoff Cramond, Principal, Rotorua Boys High School, New Zealand (November 1983)

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